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Narita Ltd is a family run business supplying an extensive range of disposable tableware to trade, wholesale and retail customers. We specialise in providing well packaged high and mid quality disposable tableware. Where possible we source UK/EU manufactured products and pack them in our factory here in Walsall. Our carefully selected, trusted, long-term suppliers enable us to offer and deliver outstanding quality products on time and at the right price. This is key to allowing us to build and maintain strong relationships with all new and current customers, always knowing that our success is dependent on theirs.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage. Our design team constantly works to provide distinct, appealing and recognisable brands and packaging that give our products significant presence. Being an active main competitor in the disposable tableware sector, we understand that customers have a great deal of options to choose from, and therefore we continually study, research and identify current and future market trends to make sure our lines have that extra something that makes them exceptional.